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Ice Cream

Award-winning, local ice cream in a variety of flavors.  Check it out!


Coffee and Specialty Drinks

Local blends brewed to your liking.  Check it out!



A variety of delicious treats and eats made right in our kitchen.  Check it out!

Welcome To Sweets. We’re Here To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.

Ice Cream = happiness and we believe there’s always room for dessert.  We have an obsession with all things delicious, and ice cream in its many many delicious forms has been our lifelong crush. Ice cream has always been associated with celebrations and happy memories, from a birthday cone to a game winning scoop,  and the sound of the neighborhood ice cream truck still rings in our ears, inspiring our inner youth!

Made With Fresh, Natural Ingredients … Right Here In Colorado.



Once Upon a Time…

There was a man who grew up in Wisconsin (the land of milk and  honey  cheese), and moved West with his love of dairy and people.

Seventeen years and three children later, he and his wife opened an ice cream shop, stemming from their family’s love of desserts and the happy memories that always surround sweets.


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The most popular flavor in the U.S.

Strawberry Sorbet

Silky sorbet blended with fresh strawberries

Rotating Flavors

An ever-changing selection of trendy treats

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint ice cream with chunks of chocolate

Lemon Rasberry Gelato

Italian ice cream full of lemon-berry goodness

Funky Donkey

Where chocolate and peanut butter collide

Death by Chocolate

The name says it all...

Coffee Carmel Crunch

It's chocolate. It's coffee. What's not to love?


An irresistible classic

Chocolate Sorbet

Delectable sorbet drenched in chocolate.

Birthday Cake

Every day is someone's birthday...


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Ice Cream

Ice cream = happiness. It’s math. From the first time you laid your lips on that rich, creamy lick. It was love at first bite.  And first loves are never forgotten.



Love is in the air… and it smells like coffee. As any coffee aficionado will tell you, coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle we love.


Love. True Love.

Coffee + Ice Cream: A match made in flavor Heaven. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, we have a delicious flavor for your favorite time of day.

Birthday Cake


Funky Donkey




Keylime Pie


Cookie Dough


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